[STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE] How to set a STOP-LIMIT (Stop-Loss) on BINANCE Exchange

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  1. does stop limit or limit order expires or remains there untill executed. Or does it expires after a certain time if not executed.

  2. Nice I understand a little bit but still have some confusion. I would like to walk me through the process and correct me, please.

    I bought some STPT at 248 and would like to sell it at 400. So,
    I set Stop at: 215
    Limit: 400.

    Is this right guys?

  3. why not just use limit buy to buy and limit sell. I don't see the benefit of using stop loss? can someone please help? thanks

  4. Why are you buying TRX lower than what you’re buying? I don’t get it!

  5. Is there a platform where we can practice trading without real money to gain some experience and have a good over view ??? Many thanks

  6. Just went thru 3 videos and felt like a complete dummy not being able to grasp any clues. Watched you and now this game look clear to me! You’re very good at explaining, not over complicating , just giving people what they need. Thank you!💪


  8. Buy for 310 sell for 250?

  9. i understand what it is, but i dont really understand why.. why wouldnt you just place a limit order and leave it on the books incase that price raised or lowered to whatever you wanted to buy/sell?

  10. Thank you so much, very informative in just 5 minutes!

  11. thanks for teaching that bro. Earn yourself a sub from me

  12. Great explanation. Another video wasn’t as clear as you. Thank you. 🙂

  13. I still haven't seen the advantage of a Stop-Limit sell over a Limit Sell. But that's me that I'm just starting! The only thing I can think of is that the Sell Order is placed a bit before the price we want to sell it for! But let's say I want to sell coin 'xxx' at .7811. If I use Limit Sell, I simply use that limit and whenever the value reaches that limit, it will be sold. If I choose Stop-Limit, I'll say Limit of .7811 and Stop of .7800 for instance. The only difference is the time that the Order is actually placed, no? The Order will be placed when the value reaches .7800 but the value it will be sold will be .7811 anyways. So the only advantage I see is that the Order is placed soon, if placed!

  14. since 100 years of looking for a better explanation i finally got one lol

  15. Hi. I m your new Subscriber of ur channel….i have a prob in binance….when i give stop limit…. order fail error capturestacktrace is not a function…this r showing….any solution of it

  16. Why not use the sell stop limit in the reverse manner? Why not use it to make a profit, ex: current value: .0000300 stop:.00003500 limit: .00004000 This way you can automatically catch a trend?

  17. set a stop limit on crytopia

  18. yep that was how to set a stop. explaining the thought process and the why behind would be even more helpful

  19. Hi Crypto Oracle, what if the price rises when you are not watching but then goes back down to your stop loss position, i assume you lose out because you can only set one stop limit? so which is best to set ? Stop loss or Take profit ? Thanks

  20. What happens if price was to only get to the $305 stop buy price and not hit the $310 buy limit? At what price would it sell?

  21. in your example for stop limit buy order.. why would you want to buy it at 310 when it was already 300? wouldn't the 300 (or anything under 310) be filled instantly? thanks

  22. is it possible to make alerts, so if it drops above or below a certain price it wouldn't actually place the order but rather notify you.

  23. 1:55 why would you want to buy it at 310 if you want to buy it as soon as its 300? Why not buy it as soon as its 300 for 300? Why pay more than the price at which you wish to buy? I dont get this shit lol…

  24. Thanks great information.

  25. Omg you rock you so rock refresher for the newbie.


  27. this is what we need 5 minute concise videos with useful info; thanks.

  28. thanks , got it 🙂

  29. Is it possible to have a stop loss sell order at the same time of a regular sell order? Like say I have a sell offer for .45, can I have a stop loss for .35 at the same time? Sorry if that doesn't make sense

  30. Bought 16k trx at 280, im i going to make it?
    What are your opinions on trx? McAfee didnt make it move that much with coin of the day, and the last anouncement did likely nothing. Is Justin Sun a reliable person, or a scammer?

  31. dude….can you look at ETG? it has hude potential
    https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethereum-gold/…PM or say your opinion in a video please…I'm curios if just I'm thinking that this could bring huge profits or is real

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