Showbiz Korea _ Beautiful Gong Shim(미녀 공심이) _ Interview

A drama with popular actors like Namkoong Min, Min, Min-ah, On Joo-wan & Seo Hyo-rim, “Beautiful Gong Shim,” a.k.a. “Beast’s Beauty” shows the romance of 4 young men & women. Namkoong Min, who acted as a villain in “Remember – War of the Son”, Underwent an image transformation in this drama! Min-ah acts as ‘Gong Shim’ who’s trying to get a job, but gave up on dating, marriage & having a family

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  1. It's nice to see their press release in english caption. I have seen most of the press release of different dramas 1st time I saw it with english caption

  2. I waited him kill someone in drama every time smiling 😂😁

  3. The best kdrama ive ever watch so far…👍👍

  4. Bang Minah looks so beautiful here… Extra beautiful.

  5. I like gong shim voice when she talking

  6. I wonder why is there no another series for Min-Ah, she's incredible in this show.

  7. when Minah said she like NamKoong Min oppa and dont ever forget him, i see Koong Min to cry for it, iam so very happy when to see something about them, maybe they should be love together!

  8. is Namkoong min a twin brother of Jang Hyuk..they are look-alike

  9. love this film Min Ah

  10. tập 30 kết phim không đẹp đẹp mấy. chời mãi mà ko có dám cưới. I love you gong shim

  11. I have a lot of scenes where i let myself go. I think there will be more in the near future, and think it will be good if everyone looks forward to them. I'm concerned and worried about letting myself go, and if that scene won't come alive, but I've gotten rid ò concerns where. I don't want to look ugly and don't want to let myself go.The eyeliner was my trademark. I'm reputed as a celebrity who can't be seen without eyeliner, but i gave up on eyeliner this time. There's barely a thin line. I think I'm showing my determination through the eyeliner. I hope everyone will see me in a good light. I wear a bobbed hair Cleopatra-style wig, i was extremely concerned before wearing the wig. When we first began, the director said an actress must look pretty, I was worried i might look really ugly.
    I lelf so apologetic as he taught me many things, as if he was like my private tutor. So, i don't think i can forget Namkong Min for rest of my life, as I learned a lot form him… too much? No, it can be like that!
    It can be like that! Of course! As an acting senior. I just spoke… I'm always like this. Gosh~! I'm caught off-guard now~!
    Anyhow, in conclusion, it's a huge honor for me to be able to work with him, and it's an unforgettable memory, and i will do my best in the future episodes so it can be a lasting memory

  12. I have never seen him acted a psychotic role yet so I dont find his smile creepy but rather cute especially when minah said tht & he right away smile. So cute!!! I ship them so hard but he already has a girlfriend sobsob

  13. OMG such a beautiful moment when Minah said she couldn't forget Namkoong min for the rest of her life!!! And Namkoong min's reaction was priceless. Haha so cute couple. liked this vid👍

  14. I just finished "Beautiful Gong Shim". Nam Koong Min is just the best. For me his best drama is "CHIEF KIM". He was amazing. He´s really a great actor. And his smile … ♥

  15. You guys should make another series where you guys start a family but and then you guys get separated for a year but come back with beautiful children!

  16. i hope Nam Koong Min do another rom-com or comedy things. He is funny.

  17. I like how his just wearing sandals 😂😂✌️😂😂

  18. when she said,I don't think I can forget nam gongmin for the rest of my life,,n nam gongmin was smiling brightly.hahahaa…

  19. It's a great drama 👍 but I think I expected more for the ending though 🙆 It's still good anyway 😊

  20. I love nam goongmin and minah so much omg

  21. Mi and joon soo didn't get to talk

  22. I swear minah looks like Apink eunji .

  23. On Joo-Wan is far more good in acting than Namgung Min

  24. I loved this drama-both leads were terrific in their roles – Minah has a real flair for a first major role. Supporting cast was also terrific. There was a little frustrating blip in not saying in character in the last episode that drove me NUTS, and still does because this was such a well written, witty drama and there was no need to resort to nonsensical cliches. But despite that, it will be one of the few dramas I will watch again when I need a smile on my face! Thank you all.

  25. everyone should watch this drama. it got me in tears in 1st ep and got me laughing, having heart attacks, screaming and dying. mostly because of the hero and the 2nd lead hero 😭😭😭😭

  26. Lol.. Minah is so cute. I think she just want to express how thankful she is to receive his advice and guidance. Lucky Nam Goong min has a gf if not, ppl will start silly rumors of them. Hope they pair up again for future projects!

  27. minah is so fake i have an incredible urge to slap her when she pretends. esp the part when she cries. cant get her stupid labia labia song out of my head whenever i see her stupid face.

  28. HAHAHAHA. I kennat!!! Look how he smiled when Min Ah said that she will not forget him. 😍

  29. nam goong min is kim hyun joon twin

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