Rust Review

Rust reviewed on PC by GB Burford.

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  1. Lmao I got 1.5k hours and that’s considered a decent at best amount of hours

  2. Tool Closet LMFAO is call Workbench my friend AHAHHAHA and is way better than Ark

  3. Nice video but not my type of game. It has to many chores

  4. So ark???? Lol

  5. “Thrives on conflict and trash talk” boi you can say that again

  6. Lol this game not for kids

  7. 30 hours is nothing in Rust lol I played 300 hrs and still Count as "beginner" XD (love the game tho) also….Tool Closet?😂

  8. I’ve been struggling with money recently so I’ve been refunding a lot of my steam games, so should I refund it….. oh wait I have 600 hours

  9. Just a warning there's some uncensored nudity at the 2:10 mark

  10. Blueprint system devs changed a few times

  11. The guy who reviewed it probably played it for 5 hours, forgot to upgrade his foundations from twig, got raided, then quit and wrote a rage review

  12. not an accurate review ,get an actual rust player to review the game

  13. Horrible game full of griefing and pointless grinding I hated every second of it 10/10 best survival game, would play again

  14. my friend plays rust while we are supposed to do homework and i have to do all the work so thanks guys

  15. This video makes me mad af. Inaccurate weapons ? Just cuz u cant shoot doesnt mean the guns r inaccurate 😜

  16. you should've played it for atleast a whole wipe

  17. i hated this game at first

  18. I think it's funny you have to censor the nudity, but it's ok to show murdering people in the most savage ways. LOL!

  19. So I play this game all the time and it is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played and I feel attacked by the rating they gave rust.

  20. I have 1000+ hours on PUBG and 500+ on fortnite. Rust has the most intense conflicts I’ve ever experienced out of any game I ever played in my life

  21. Bro aint this like minecraft

  22. The part about not having tense combat hurt me but I died when he mentioned fortnite lmao.

  23. Rate this review a 7.0 a grind to get through

  24. wait did he just call a tc a "tool closet" xd

  25. yo he said the game has bad aiming when this guy cant hit one deer lmao

  26. Ign are the biggest joke in the industry. This guy obviously struggled playing this game.

  27. It looks like you need friends to play this game otherwise I really would.

  28. But I still want this game on my Birthday which is this month

  29. 7.0????? Are you out of your mind??

  30. After watching this review I realized how terrible he did. 30 hours is barely scratching the surface

  31. You can turn off nudity btw lmao

  32. 2:10 thank me later

  33. Intense battles like fortnite boi if you compare battles to that crap of a game than this review is trash on the spot

  34. Minecraft remastered 😂😂😂

  35. 2:10 lol you guys had one job

  36. This is the worst game i have played in a long time. Do NOT waste your time or money on this!

  37. To claim the pvp isn’t exciting is unfair, being in a full 8 man online raid,, or seconds into wipe is as intense as it gets anywhere

  38. Bro he basically didn’t get into PvP at all, he must have joined a high pop served got rekt and decided to join an empty one lol

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