Real vs. Fake Fila Disruptor II. How to spot fake Fila disruptor sneakers

0:14 The Tongue logo
0:41 The lateral brand names and logos
1:47 The outsole details
2:31 The toe cap details
2:47 The tongue stitching
3:02 The main inside tag
4:02 The outer stitching
4:29 The back heel logo
5:12 The shoelace holes
5:37 The insoles
6:33 The shoelaces
6:45 The inside shoe stitchings and details

1. The original Fila sneakers come in a blue box. On the middle of the lid as well as on its sides and on the borders of the box there is the well known Fila logo in white and red colours.

On the side there is a stuck label that displayed information such as the bar code, the manufacturer ( Deichmann), size, price and the product code.

2. The original FILA have 3 colours from which to choose: white, red or dark grey. On one side, right in the middle, the letter F is printed in red. The main color of the material is grey. The shoelaces are also grey. The sole is made of high quality foam. On the edges is white and the surface that touches the ground is grey and red. At the heels the FILA logo is written in red.

Differences fake Fila sneakers
3. The outside detachable label has the description of the sneaker in Romanian and Bulgarian. Apart from this, there is also a picture of the sneakers on it.

4. The detachable label is blue on the outside and on the middle of it there is the FILA logo. It does not have a considerable size.It is usually tied up on the outside of the sneaker.

5. The inside label sewed on the flap has the logo, the size in several countries (45 for this pair) and the manufacturing date.

6. The inside sole has a simple, black model. On the upper and lower part, where the foot presses the hardest it has a blue color.


7. On the back the inside sole is black. The well known FILA logo in white and red colors is printed on it, as well as the size framed in a circle.


8. Notice the tag sewed on the flap presented above. You can easily read the sizes and the year of fabrication.


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9. On the below picture you can have a clear imagine of the original FILA sneakers. Please notice how the red logo stands out because to the contrast.

Fake vs Real Fila sneakers
1. The fake sneaker has both the upper color is different and the shades of the red details on the surface of the sneaker. The original Fila sneaker has bright red details, on the fake they are dark orange.

2. On the insole of the fake sneaker the information is written in another color and with another font.

3. The difference in color we saw on the top is also on the sole, the fake is orange instead of red.

4. The image of the sneaker on the detachable label is different on the fake. The heel tab is missing, the tongue tab is also missing and the picture is blurred, unclear.

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  1. If you want me to inspect your Fila sneakers, comment here and I will tell you the address to send me detailed pictures. If you give me a SUB and a LIKE in return, I will be grateful 🙂


  3. I have a Fila disrupter I’m wearing it right now

  4. I recommend buying the fakes for kids so that you don't need to spend a lot of money

  5. I don't care because they look the same no one will notice

  6. 0:24で見るのやめたけどなにがちがうん?

  7. who the fuck would get fake filas their cheap and ugly

  8. I am so confused. Is it common that all real Filas have logo on the bottom of it's in sole and on it's lateral of the inside? And mine shoelace is also not too thick. Remaining all are same as what has been described in real shoes.


    Original FILA shoe maker

    If anyone wonders something…I can let you know! 🙂

  10. Who buys fake pairs they only cost 50$ like y’all people been tripinnnn

  11. My mans is looking at the disruptors 1 and 2

  12. who tf even buys fake fila xD its not even expensive brand

  13. The outsole of the counterfeit looked straight up like styro foam 😂😂😂

  14. I got these Fila Andre 2 when I was in the philippines. Are these designs legit or knockoffs? Can't find anything online about these shoes

  15. FFFFFF

  16. There are not even expensive so why make fake ones?

  17. And bruh both of those shoes are real disruptor 1 and 2 my g

  18. Bought mine for 300 bucks and that price was on sale and mine was made in Vietnam but it ain't fake cause I bought mine in a mall soooooo

  19. They aren’t fake it’s just disruptor 1 and 2

  20. Its simple if you want to different it between real and fake just see:

    Made in ……..

  21. Can i use this shoes at gym practise ???

  22. There the same shoes you are lying

  23. are the ones from Amazon, fake. as that's where I got mine from

  24. i’m getting mine from Urban outfiters so i should be fine?

  25. I got my pink filas today I didn't get white because it was to plain and boring so I got pink instead

  26. Would not surprise me to learn that both real and fake are made in the same factory.

  27. And the other one is not fake


  29. In the thumbnail they both look the same…

  30. Who's making fake filas 😂😂

  31. what is the tittle of the song u used in background i really need it plssa reply.

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