PUBG Mobile Controller | Gamepad Review

In this video, I will use OnePlus 6 to test 5 PUBG gamepads to see if I can get chicken.
PUBG Movement Gamepad:
This one has no danger of account banning:

These gamepads are commonly used in iOS and Android. Whether you are using iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or other brands.
After seeing this video, which of the five handles do you think is better? Leave comments and tell me.

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  1. All gamepads

  2. the last one is sooo coool

  3. The game converter – Is it suitable for oppo a5s mediatek?

  4. It giving the game so unfair

  5. For the last one I guess you could say some people cant afford pcs

  6. Te last handle, keyboard with mouse

  7. Does it work for CODM as well

  8. can it play on mobile legends pls reply me that last clip that keybord and mouse

  9. The last one, game dont throw you with players from pc?

  10. Lol I only watched this because i want to play on a bedwars server on Minecraft Pocket Edition using Keyboard and mouse since windows 10 players keep destroying me, ya'll cheat cause bots whooped yo ass

  11. I like the small keyboard and the mouse.i. feel comfortable to play.

  12. Can i ask? If i buy the gamepad like the last one it is still the same in mobile mode? Or it will be turn to emulator mode?

  13. Can you use it in iphone???

  14. Keyboard & mouse is better
    It will be good for sniping

  15. what is the name of that app your using keyboard n mouse

  16. Is this allowed in pubg?

  17. You don’t need gamepads all you need is skills

  18. Great video… Can the last one at 4:20 be used for other things apart from playing games… e.g. typing word doc on the phone

  19. is there any website to buy this product i'm from japan

  20. Which of those gadgets would work for ARK Mobile? (5+ million downloads)

  21. Subscribe me, i'll subscribed you back

  22. All these noobs making controller or emulator vids suck and don't even aim in 😂😂

  23. the last controller is much better.. so my question is it can be use to any android like vivo y17?

  24. Shop the Mirascreen X10 Game Controller

  25. How did u connect mobile to big screen in last controller

  26. 😭😭 The last one is the best but it doesn't work without octopus (app). And they will band you if you use it 😵

  27. Only noobs use mouse and keyboard why not play on PC

  28. I got a manok ulam ngayon no joke

  29. which one is first one? can I have brand and productname?

  30. What converter is compatible with f11 pro oppo

  31. It only proves that your a noob and doesnt have the talent to play games on its normal condition. Play it normally noob!

  32. i need this device😭😭😭Help me find it

  33. what's the last product name…If i want to search it on online stores

  34. I use gampad when I'm playing emulated games such as psp, ps1 and ps2.

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