Ogame :- Reaching 300 Million Points! Account Tour/Overview (Rank 7/Miner)

An updated account overview showing my progress on this game, recently reached 300 million points

What you see in the video is exactly how I play the game, I do not use any add-ons, tools or scripts

This video does include my fleet but i’m not willing to reveal if that is my entire fleet or just some of my fleet,

This is because it is possible players that could take out my fleet from my uni could view this video, making it easier to potentially destroy my fleet

Am happy to answer most questions but a few I may not answer, for example if you asked me for specific fleetsaving details


Music used in the video:-
Shoulder Closures By Gunnar Olsen
Crystals By Silent Partner
Galaxia By Bruno E
Ladybug By Quincas Monira
Venetian By Density + Time

Nguồn: https://legendsofcountry.org/

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  1. Here is an updated account video, Finally reached 500million points! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns-559-gpsc

  2. Why don´t you build big lasers or ionic canions in your defense? I have also noticed that you don´t recycle. Sorry if some terms are not correct, i´m spanish. Ty for your answer and congrats for the amazing job!

  3. https://youtu.be/ytRF8HsVIV0

  4. I used to play this game but what puts me off is what this game is never ending game

  5. Oh man!! How many night's waiting for right moment. Used to follow players for weeks, good ones even more. I knew when they wake up, sleep, eat even go to toilet. Adrenalin rushes and satifaction after destroing and stilling precius deut. Remember times when there was 30-50 k players in uni. What a good times, brings back good memories.

  6. Played this game like 15 years ago. I remember getting to a certain level ( I think it was 5000) which opened me to being attacked and ppl would send like 10 billion light cruisers or whatever they're called lol. When I'd rebuild they would resend and fuck me up just for the spite. A good strategy was to get into a top alliance and personally message all the players for resources. I became a very rich noob hehe

  7. I've played this game for 17 years since 2002 when I was a child … I quit and came back, quit and came back because it's like a drug. The thing that killed it for me was when I found out ogame mods play this game and receive DM coupons as compensation for their work. I was also informed (from an anonymous inside source) that they are encouraged to rank up because it creates competition which ultimately leads to DM purchases. In my opinion if you are a MOD you should not be a player but it's virtually impossible for GF to control this … there were too many people using BOTs also … like ogame automizer (which is dead ever since lobby) and now what is taking over is Ninja OGame BOT … there's also APPs you can buy on your Android that auto-fleet save and sends you alerts when you are being attacked. It's a disgrace to the game and is destroying the fun of the game because I could bet that at least 50% of the people playing ARE doing this … I cant wait until they improve their anti-cheat / BOT detection software.

  8. Siema jakby ktos chcial pograc to zapraszam na serwer Dorado moja planeta (6:155:8) pomoge sie rozwinąć i moze załozymy jaki sojusz

  9. Hello friends!
    Today I did a TOP 1 SAC – ACS on Universe Xalinth – MX. Look that:

  10. i know this game since roughly 13 years, i feel like its the last game of a dying breed. surprising its still running and doesn't look to much different than back then.
    Old design was still best tho

  11. I can't believe that this game is still running. And it hasn't changed much from 10 years ago. Other games I used to play were Solar Empires and EVE Online

  12. go dm pos15 ! destroy ces, go cef 22 and energy 22, destroy satélite, and go astro !!!! for 14 planet and go astro for 15 planet ! 😉

  13. i was playing this game… like 10+ yrs ago… i was in top 10 … tbh game was looking better way back then…..

  14. I'm really stunned with your account. How many years to reach that level bro? Congrats from PT.

  15. why do you have deut mines higher than cristal mines? and why do you have a gap of 3 levels? thank you for the answer!

  16. I'm just curious, how many cargo ships does it take to transport from your colonies to your home planet?

  17. Just started anew. What's the max base fields on planets? I play on Izar, trying to hit 250 fields but 242 only out of 4 trials …

  18. Graviton at 2nd level 😛 any practical use of this? Or just for the amusement? 😉 or to overwhelm others – "I don't need this, but I have so much spare resources, that I will do it only because I can" 😀

  19. Could you explain why ur metal mine 6 points higher than crystal mine. is it better then 4 times higher strategy, cuz they analysed something like this.

  20. Any idea if anyone in this Uni has 14 planets already?
    Akula maybe?

  21. hi! im spanish ogame player i searching good account with this i play alrealdy 15 years i would pay for some account this

  22. très jolie compte félicitation

  23. I am not 100% sure if relocations world wide are the same, In my neck of the woods relocations are now allowed to move between all 15 slots with zero restriction. Thus give many players the option to have super deut farms when relocating to a new area. This thread explains some of the details about the profit margin that can be upwards of 50% more deut. A full on relocation can cost about 200USD half if you get DM on sale. If you do not want to read the whole thread, its only 3 pages long and not outdated, This was done just in Dec. It also explains some uses for the Fusion mines and a couple of ways to combat energy. It also shows you some data of how much one can earn for his investment of relocations. https://board.us.ogame.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/92516-Epic-Game-changing-event-just-occurred/

  24. Have you thought about converting all of your solar plants to fusion, The only reason why I suggest this is because the return on a fusion is much higher. If you were a 1x eco then you would have to worry about the lower amounts of deut. With I think you said 5x eco it really not that much, About 1m per week for a level 20, With you high energy tech being 18 or 19 I think would provide exponential amounts of energy.. I have energy tech 17 and 16 fusion mines which produce 11.561 energy -2.944 deut/h and with level 20 32.014 -5.384 deut/h
    904,512 deut usage for 1 week using my account. This is a fair trade off when you only need a every blue moon. With a 5x eco it is very profitable.

  25. You still haven’t told me where, when and exact times on FS’s 😛

  26. Congratulations from Portugal !
    I've watched all your OGame videos, and I'm always stunned for your conquers 😉
    That's quite an achievement, keep going !
    I also play… but at this moment I only have 30 million points eheh 🙂

  27. I originally played in a 3x Eco uni that was upgraded to 6x Eco, we were merged to the uni I am currently playing in now, which is now 5x Eco. If you want to see a bit more about this then feel free to check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEBx9O4r1uE

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