Ogame Fortress survive over 4 years June 2013 – Oct 2017 125.000 Plasma Cannons

Im just a guy who try out how far i can come.
I I have come further than many many players.
I never attack other players and go online every day, to spent the daily production EVEN ON 24th DEC new year ect (how you can see in the green date information). So that there never is something why somebody should attack me.
It worked for 4.5 years, but for how long will it go?

5:30 am time for another video 😀

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  1. Biggest waste or raw materials I ever seen in ogame.

  2. it's a waste of rss, you could've gone for higher astro, higher plasma tech, higher mines with a minimal defense to not be profitable.

    If you get crashed, which will happen eventually, you will lose millions of points and there will be nothing you can do against the attack. You could've just gotten a bigger economy which would've been safe points.

  3. https://youtu.be/ytRF8HsVIV0

  4. Generally building a huge Def, is bad strategy.

  5. This is just exagerated.Why would anyone even want to attack that??The deathstars that would get destroyed for going thought it would cost way more than the resources stolen on the planet.

  6. How many useful things you could do in breaks from work. But you just wasted that time on some bullshit…

  7. i used to play like this…EG> turtling….its not fun so i started to build offense. immediately i get targeted with a huge army with deaths stars etc…. i realised at that moment i should quit.. and i did

  8. dude thats amazing, i just have 1 improvement for vids. music in background is to lound and cant hear that much of voices but that is not much of a problem, all those numbers satisfied my eyes. keep up a good work or shuld i say deffence XD

  9. I have been playing the same account for almost 8 years all at 1x speed, I have grown 10m points since we went 4x, I will never have a turtle like that ever. I destroyed a fairly larger turtle with IPM, Took all of 4500k IPM to destroy him. Defenses will and can be destroyed with ease… I run 50k rl 50k ll 25k hl 1k gc 5k ic 1k pt and that keeps pretty much everyone away, I rank 43 with over 31m points with our highest at 120m, I also rank 15 in research and have 35 32 32 mines and can farm 125m plus every day if i choose to… Its starting to be farming season and will be farming every day now… Turtles are now targets even if its for a few million in res, As it will earn you a HOF…

  10. Con esa defensa ni el top 1 no le puede jaja ahora si los 5 primeros le acen 1 sac cuando tenga el defensor la flota parada seva a la mierda igual

  11. Hello Any update on this account;? are you still in game?

  12. Imagine how his planet looks if you could see it. Millions of rocket launchers (I don't play in English) and millions of light lasers in every single spot on the planet.

  13. If you like ogame you should download galaxy reborn on the app store it's like ogame but mobile.

  14. Cool defense, I would be really glad to fly into it with ds :d

  15. Hiperspace on lvl 15. And 5000 death stars.

  16. Awesome video lol. Any updates?

  17. 😀 i will not say you "good luck", i will say you "keep it up!!!!!" 😀

    greetings from Peru, im an Ogame player too

  18. Tja, meine Allianz hat die scheiße nun gebasht 🙂

  19. Millions of rocket launchers, over a hundred thousand plasmas, and yet only 60 abms. 🙁

    I'm a turtle too, but I put all of my points into mines now, because I can deter any raiding fleet with only a couple hundred plasmas and other def in ratio because I don't leave things sitting. That said, the power of ibms launched en masse, is enough that I have 100 abms. It's somewhat expensive but absolutely necessary if you're going to build as much def as you have

  20. Hello, I made android app for Ogame that notifies user on hostile attack. Its on google play and I would love to hear some feedback from you guys. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sasatomasev.alarmo

  21. Why you play that shit game?

  22. I feel like you take the game out of it by playing this way. You might as well be playing a single player game and just clicking and watching numbers go up. eventually you will obviously be number 1 if you keep doing this for long enough, it is just a matter of persistence, when all the people above you eventually stop playing for whatever reason you will overtake them. I personally prefer to play as a fleeter and see how long i can survive, but hey if you are enjoying the run that's cool man. It is cool to see those huge numbers of defenses anyway, may the uberturtles shell never break!

  23. you are low on anti ballistic missile !! build more …

  24. Wen man alle waffen auf einmal abschiest, kommst du ins nächste sonnensystem^^

  25. i must say that i like this even video even despite the fast that i hate turtles 😛

  26. Ist die Tam Inc eigentlich überall vertreten 😀
    Netter Bunker nebenbei.
    Grüße aus dem Orion Universum und vom Tam Wing 😀

  27. Unglaublich was für eine Deff. Grüße aus der Uni Uriel ich versuche da mal auch solch eine deff aufzubauen 😀

  28. Hi spidi wieder aktiv ?xD hast gut geschnitten Daumen hoch ^^

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