NINTENDO GAMECUBE UNBOXING! Limited Edition Platinum Console + Super Smash Bros Melee Gameplay

Unboxing the legendary Nintendo Gamecube console. Platinum color limited edition Metroid Prime bundle. Super Smash Bros Melee, Resident Evil, Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime gameplay.
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  1. What's your favourite Gamecube game?

  2. Just started watching your videos. Have to say Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Metroid Prime and Super Smash Bros were great too, not nothing really stuk with me like the story and cell shaded graphics. Great little console^^

  3. A question like how the internal clock of the gamecube works because my gamecube always has the last time that I set it but when I turn it off the time does not advance

  4. Actually I have one 😀

  5. Why did the gamecube have a carrying handle

  6. I have a Gamecube and it's a lot of fun

  7. This channel kinda sucks no content just unboxing

  8. We used to be happy and didn’t
    knew it…

  9. Laik si viniste por un poco de todo xd

  10. We’re do you get these consoles from?

  11. Aaaah yes I remember my first console was the platinun😂

  12. We need to know how you look like

  13. the graphics on the nintendo gamecube look exactly has the new 3ds only the gamecube graphics are way more better

  14. What’s the gloves for

  15. I've always looked at a Gamecube or Nintendo 64 Controller and thought:
    Somethings not right

    Seriously! why did the N64 Controller have 3 thighs and 2 different ways to hold it? and Why does the Gamecube's controller have 2 trigeers on one side and only one on the other? From my perspective IN MY OPINION that must be very confusing.

  16. speaking of North America Texas is a part of the continent and there is a Language called Boomhauer and what is the Boomhauer lamguage? answer me in the comment

  17. My brother has this console

  18. GameCube, Gamesphere,
    Gamecone, gamekid,gamecuboid,
    Gamecylinder and more consoles 😂.

  19. RE + GameCube = My Heart 🙁

  20. 😀😆😃😅😚😗😆🤪🤑😝🤗😑🤣🤣😍😍😂🤩🤑😐🤐😛🤫🤔🤤😬🤠😵😪🤢😔😏🤓🤢😿💀🤬👿😞😭😈👿😠😩😠😫😣😭😡😫😣😢

  21. How on god's green earth do you afford all of this?
    This would cost so much money..
    Especially since brand new boxed versions of these older consoles are quite hard to come by now a-days.

  22. I am playing GC games via a emulator cuz the original GC game discs are crazy expensive!

  23. The best controller 4ever :,)

  24. there-was-componet-yet-uses-the-composite-i-just-don't-get-it

  25. Actually the Wii U was Nintendo’s least popular systems. It sold 13 million units.

  26. Я один просмотрел всё до конца?

  27. This kind Of videos are goods ASMR videos

  28. The GameCube was a cool system,

    Too bad the PS2 crushed the sales of the system because of it’s power.

  29. Going from Resident Evil to Animal Crossing is hilarious.

  30. I do love the GameCube but I never used it

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