New Game Tuner And FPS Meter App For Galaxy Devices

New game tuner game booster plus app for samsung galaxy devices with fps meter.

Guys this is the new plugin for your game booster in galaxy devices. It has somewhat similar capabilities like the old game tuner for previous galaxy devices. Now this one comes with more options like fps meter, data limit and network boost. This is for Android 10 devices only. For more info watch full video.
Thank you.


Device: Galaxy S9 (Snapdragon)
Recorder: Built-in Samsung
Editor: Powerdirector Premium


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  1. Can u tell me where is network boost , can't see this option.

  2. Network booster gameplug in mai nahei hei ab …

  3. Not compatible on my device samsung j7 core

  4. Bro download nhi ho rha samsung j6 me

  5. Bro samsung j6 ka leg fix ho jayga🥰

  6. i have to but my samsung a10 is a just shit

  7. Hi. Could you please tell how to unpin the Perf z and daily limits in the game. I pinned them and now i can't unpin them.

  8. Bro can you please help me i am still stuck in android 8 in my galaxy s9 snapdragon variant

  9. Can you upload the game booster APK for us please some of can't install it

  10. I cant find game plugins on my galaxy store what should I do?

  11. plz make video on sfg2 myth busters

  12. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💥💥💥

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