Let's Play Warframe Part 1 – Blind Playthrough | PS4 Pro Gameplay

If you want to watch an idiot who knows nothing about Warframe play Warframe then you came to the right place
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  1. Definitely downloading this for ps4 right now. I'm a simple woman…I see aliens, swords, and guns….I like. I've Never played it…it was free in the PSplus store…so why not?? Haha

  2. One of the funniest things about watching new people play this game is how completely overpowered they feel until the game takes the training wheels off.

  3. I use volt at the first time playing it

  4. You can move the ship in the loading screen.

  5. Guns are weaker than Bow and arrow but gun shoot faster

  6. The only thing about new players, is that they can't traverse properly 🙁

  7. The cool picked Excalibur………………..
    Sad volt noises

  8. Plz shut the f*@k up an play

  9. Can use steam pc id at ps4?if not all my prime gonna wasted..just like that..rip…😂

  10. Man I just started to play warframe again last time I touched it was in 2017 a lot has changed

  11. Why does my game looks so lighter than urs

  12. Just downloaded this game for the PC. Looking forward to playing

  13. you can use the archwing to fly out of the ship

  14. Is playing on pc harder than on console?

  15. am i that one guy that likes odrin?

  16. tip, don't die. dieing is the least efficient way to win

  17. Pro tip: Prioritize your platinum on getting Warframe and Weapon slots first. Don't rush items in the Foundry and don't spend plat to transmute them to credits.

  18. Hey guys, I play WoW and Apex and a little of CoD sometimes, looking for something new to play. Reading the comments, this game is years old apparently? Is it too late to get into this game? It looks fantastic

  19. LOL the bow’s better but it was your chose

  20. still a great story though when you find out who you really are

  21. it was way better before they nerfed a few of the frames.

  22. what kind of games do you have

  23. This game looks like an alien ninja gaiden

  24. This hurts to watch OOF…

  25. What game is that a photo of in the background at the start of the video?

  26. I heard the theme and wanted to watch the game

  27. Me getting mad he doesnt press square to attack

  28. tou can shoot while in theair and it goes slow motion

  29. I remember playing this game when my mom wouldn't agree to buy me any games :/

  30. tbh just dont get exalibur umbra hes not good you should get rhino prime or limbo prime or nekros prime

  31. The bow deals much more damage than the automatic rifle. And it can help a lot with headshots.

  32. Blind pleasure? for who? It's a blind pleasure for you when I First time played this gane didn't make so lame choices or press attack button when it clearly said "IT. WILL. AUTOBLOCK." What an irksome YouTuber. Plus its my personal preference but I would've gone Kunai or Bow.

  33. It’s funny Warframe always reminds me of Destiny

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