How to use a Stop Limit – Stop Loss on Binance

What is a Stop-Limit Order? Learn about Stop Limit orders and how to use them on Binance the Cryptocurrency Exchange.
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  1. Get $10 Free bitcoin!

  2. wicked man thanks finally got it!!

  3. One important thing wasn't be said.

  4. Explained very well, thanks

  5. using stop limit order make me Taker or Maker ?

  6. Why don't you have stop market order, like on other exchange ? It would also be useful to have lines on the charts that show were your orders are.

  7. Please create a same guide but for Binance Futures.. the one with LONG and SHORT this is so confusing!!

  8. I want to use stop lose but have here to option STOP LIMET in STOP MARKET when here?

  9. Ever since Nicolebfxtrades gma!l com stared träding for me. My life have been different

  10. Please do not explain something in four and a half looong minutes where you can explain it in a minute!

  11. Gotcha! Great explanation bro…If they didn't understand that maybe they should try Mcdonalds…lol

  12. LOL why are you Buying high and selling low!! this video is wrong

  13. one of the best videos ever. on my first YouTube search. Thank you for being so clear. Good learning experience to be sure


  15. For me, as a non English speaker, the diction could be better.

  16. perfect 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  17. why you sell low and buy high, how you make profit like this

  18. Stop moving the chart around. So many people just can't resist moving it up, down, left and right….

  19. Investing and profiting from trading consistently was for the longest time only a pipe dream, that was until I met a group that simultaneously combined trading and mining activities into their system. Now every two days I make 7% of my investment as a member of CTF, thank God I was connected to them. Once more trading is a pleasant activity and I'm really enjoying myself.

  20. How do you set this up: if price goes above 9000 sell, if it drops below 8500 sell at 8499?

  21. Dude you’re horrible at explaining.

  22. Buy high, sell low. Got it.

  23. The curent price 6294 and you want to sell for price 6250. Don't you think that a simple market sell order will bring you more profit (6294 > 6250) and will be faster (you don't need to wait for price 6255)?

  24. Wich is tool you using to drawing in the chart ?

  25. But why wouldn't you place a buy order on the low end and a sell when it breaks out on the high??

  26. anoyone noticed that price of btc 6000+ ?

  27. Really binance? All the fuss about DEX, Margin and yet no stop loss with sell order function? C'mon

  28. won't the same thing happen if we place limit order instead of stop limit? what purpose does that additional trigger feature fulfills?

  29. Hello. What's the difference with a limit order then? Because if its get through your limit, it goes through your stop for sure

  30. If you have Bitcoin and you sell it where does the USD go? How do you get it off the Exchange to your bank account of wallet?

  31. Very Celar sir thnks sir

  32. So you're gonna buy BTC when it's at its highest?🤔

  33. No way to set a stop loss with sell order in place? Pretty rookie tools on here.

  34. can you make a real order with take profit and stop loss?

  35. we cannot make 100% take profit and 100% stop loss right?

  36. Simple and clear directions thank you!

  37. Thank you, that was helpful.

  38. Hi is it possible to use Stop limit and place a sell order simultaneously?

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