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Hey Babes! I am SO excited about today’s How To Style Dr Martens video. In this lookbook I am going to be showing you what to wear with your Dr. Marten boots and how to style them! If you follow me on my vlog channel you saw the whole Doc Martens shoes purchase lol! I styled the boots in several different ways – please let me know if you want a part 2 on how to style Dr marten boots because I still have another look book in mind and other outfit ideas! Hope you enjoying watching How i wear Dr Marten boots.

Sweater I’m wearing
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Black crop top S
Distressed high waist jeans 3

Black crop top S
Red plaid skirt S
Teddy coat (similar )

High waisted jeans (knee rip) 3
Crop top t shirt S

Metallica t shirt (similar)
Mens teddy coat (M)

BooHoo leopard t shirt
Black patent leather jacket
Black jeans

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  1. Hi babes! Fashion video in the house okurrrr! I had to bring in the Docs for a video lol! Which was your favorite outfit??

  2. OML I need docs I love them 😭💕🤭

  3. What size are your docs ? Do they run big or small ! Also I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND CONTENT

  4. "im not going to disagree because the other day i saw a garbage bag on the floor at my house and i literally thought it was my jacket. So it might be a garbage look but its a cute garbage look" hahahaha. Love it. You got yourself a subscriber.

  5. You are so cute!
    How do I stop my boots from the rubbery squeaking, drives me bananas

  6. Hey, how tall are you? 🙂

  7. Stop talking so much. Stop repeating urself so much. Makes ur videos difficult to watch…

  8. Can you make an updated video of how to style doc martens 🙏🏼💕

  9. I love your hair,great colour and style

  10. Metalheads have been wearing this kind of boots since 1960s so theres a very strong culture connection between metal and boots. Especially martens. They are something that has always reminded me of fellow metalheads and now here i am watching a video from recommended where a blonde casual gives "advice" on how to "style" them… You dont even lace them correctly. Its the same as when people who dont skate wear thrasher hoodies. Just stop ffs

  11. @ 8:24 lol I do that too! 🤣

  12. What camera lens attachment are you using??

  13. Is it just me or do the docs make your calf look huge, like my docs make my calf’s look fat😂

  14. Literally just got an idea in the morning

  15. Please do a video on how to do your hair while you were switching outfits!
    Love the way you made the looks more boujee not so gothic , but I’m in love with your hair ! Pls teach us your ways

  16. This video sucks, don’t wear band T-shirts if you don’t listen to the music

  17. If I'm 5'4"-5'5" Should I wear platform or regular?

  18. Ok come thru with the "cute garbage look", lol. Thx for the video babygirl.

  19. I really wanna get those boots but im a pretty tall girl (5'9) and i feel like i'd stick out more than i already do

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