How to Style Dr Martens | Mens Fashion Lookbook

Todays video is a how to style Dr Marten boots, I showcase three different outfits from three different styles. A fashion lookbook showing a vintage outfit, a streetwear outfit and a smart casual outfit.

Huge thank you to all sole for the shoes.
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  1. I hope you lot enjoyed this video! Be sure to vote your favourite outfit in the poll, and click the link if you want to purchase these boots –

  2. Lol nice Marlboro attire I smoke Marlboro red 100’s 🤣

  3. Why are people being so harsh on him? Those fits are fly

  4. Where did you buy the bag of polo sport?

  5. whats the song at the end from the america clip

  6. Whats this doc marten model called?

  7. Do you carry your tampons in your purse?

  8. Sorry but this video has shitty styles 😂😂

  9. The black and yellow pants are hard

  10. Sorry boy but you flopping with those styles. Yikes

  11. Doc are for rude style u like gay

  12. 0:55 where can I get these pants from?

  13. Se te ve tan barato jajajajajjajajaj .

  14. Sik outfits if I was 18 yes old lol

  15. Dr'marten this is my dream shoes but can't afford it' 😭

  16. Other than the horrible bags everythings fine

  17. I Wanna see the footage from last night in leeds🙏🏻

  18. Where do I get those dickies trousers 🥺🥺🥺

  19. Hey I am Justin we met at a burger restaurant

  20. Please post a lot of thrifting videos

  21. Sick video I really really enjoyed this!

  22. Nah hold up, that marlboro fit tho

  23. Hey man are you coming to sneaker on London bro?

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