How to Style Dr. Martens Combat Boots + GIVEAWAY!!!

What to wear with combat boots, specifically doc martens!!

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– black doc martens:
– white doc martens:

– gold bar choker:
– diamond bar necklace (vale not marrow fine!):

– black dress (similar):
– black crossbody bag:
– cat eye sunglasses:

– black crop top:
– denim skirt:
– quilted belt bag:
– color block jacket:

– white tank top (similar):
– denim shorts:
– gold coin necklace:
– yellow sunglasses:

– plaid overalls:
– black crop top:

– white top:
– patchwork jeans:


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  1. Omg you have really good sense of fashion

  2. I’m a little late for the giveaway…
    Don’t live in the U.S anyway…
    And I don’t have instagram…

  3. Doesn’t matter which bundle I get :’) love your vids ig: matayaryan

  4. Why does it feel like she’s screaming? 😂

  5. Best styles I’ve seen for the docs so farm

  6. Very cute your gonna give some guy hell one of these days if your not already doing it lol

  7. 4:56 THESE OVERALLS OMG!!!!

  8. In summer I straight up just wear my swimmers…Don't judge me its like 40º C In Australia.

  9. do you wear doctor scholl's inserts or other insole padding with those shoes?, because my feet hurt so bad without insoles. probably going to purchase insoles with next pair.

  10. i want docs so bad but Im broke af. Are white docs easy to clean off when they scuff?

  11. I challenge you to a combat.

  12. i do not know why The boots shorten my legs a little bit, makes me looking short…

  13. How did you attach your belt to your wallet?

  14. Which one looks better in your opinions , white or black? X

  15. pls make a what to wear (track pants ) episode plsss

  16. I love your style and you look always so cute and chic i like the black boots

  17. do your fitness workout video plzzzzz m ur big big fan i really love how can someone so cute n good soul😘😘😘😘

  18. Hi! Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’ve been watching your channel for a while now and you’ve really inspired me to start refining my style and educated me more on Asian skin care products! After watching many of your skin care routine videos I finally saved up to buy a set of skincare products that you’ve featured on your videos on sokoglam. My skin has been so much better! Also I really have to thank you for linking one of the jackets you’ve featured on your videos last fall (from Zara, the acne style suede leather biker jacket) because I was able to purchase that jacket when it was on sale. This was around January and the jacket was only $30! Seriously the best deal I’ve ever come across! You’re really an inspiration of mine and I love your videos. They’re super informative and super high quality. Also your vlogs with Matt are super cute! You guys are so cute together and I can’t wait to watch your next vlogs!

    My IG is aallysandra & I would love to win the white dress bundle. I currently live in NYC and summer is coming and so is the humidity. I’d love to get some cute comfy dresses to help me get ready for the NYC heat!

  19. Loved this idea and you sense of style!! The white dress bundle and colorful dress bundle are my favorites! My ig is nicole_espaillat <3 love!

  20. Omg your style is sooo cute. My instagram handle is jus.wellness.adventure and I would love the Nike bundle!!

  21. Emily Hi! I love your videos! I hope I’m not too late I am a bit behind on my youtube videos 😅 I would live the White Dress bundle 🖤 instagram @sarahfharvey
    Thank you!!!! 🤞🏻

  22. Hi Emily. I’m interested in the colorful dress bundle and the off the shoulder top bundle. My instagram is @npcong. Hope that I will win the giveaway.

  23. White dress bundle! My Instagram is tiffany_swag

  24. nike bundle pleasee 😛
    insta: @_chelseaali

  25. I love your videos!! Your advice and tips help me everyday! I would like the off the shoulder top bundle. I really admire your fashion sense. My instagram is @fishcassidy.

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