HOW TO STYLE DR. MARTENS 1461 | Men's Fashion | Lookbook | Daniel Simmons

HOW TO STYLE DR. MARTENS 1461 | Men’s Fashion | Lookbook | Daniel Simmons

Today we are looking at ‘how to style Dr.Martens 1461’. Ill be showing my the ways I like to style these timeless shoes!

Thank you all so much for the support!

See you next time.

+ Items in order

– Blue Jean
– Black Cropped Pants
– Grey Cropped Pants
– Brown Smart Pants

– All Saints (sold Out) alternative
– Cole Buxton
– White oversized
– Green T-shirt (alternative)

– Yellow/black stripes
– Oversized Vintage Shirt (alternative)
– COS Over-shirt (sold Out)

– Black Hoodie
– Red Hoodie (alternative)

– Denim Jacket (alternative)
– Overcoat

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  1. someone recommend me a chic that has the same style as daniel. LOVE HIS STYLE BUT would love girly accents to it

  2. Bruh these fits are fire… I need more cropped pants. Any idea where to get them? I'm a bit shorter so everything seems huge haha

  3. Dud, your background song does not fit to dms maybe you should consider like a punk or some ska

  4. title of the intro song please🙏

  5. Yo! Where did you cop those vintage style denim jeans?!

  6. Sir can you style timberland white highcut.pls. than you.

  7. where have you got the black pants ??? I love itttttt

  8. what’s up daniel (: Love your content man, your style is absolutely sick! Keep it up, definitely subscribed.

    I also have a fashion question- what pair of doc martens do you reckon i should get that i can use for school and for my outfits?

  9. I bough the script eye 3 pair today and oh my god they are amazing.

  10. What is the name of this shoes? Is this a oxford?

  11. What kind of shirts are those? Trying to find some in that tan color

  12. Man I want a pair so bad. I got Jordan's and nikes but I kinda want that professional look while still having the street vibe ya know? I think these would do the job

  13. Just bought some Red Wing Postman derbies and this makes some great inspo.

  14. Awesome shoes, but please, for the love of God, get some long pants.

  15. I love THIS VIDEO!!! just brought a brand new pair of dr Martens because of this channel
    love ur style 😉

  16. is it okay wearing 1461 for office wear? Shirt & slacks

  17. idk where to find Black Cropped Pants pls help

  18. watching this crying cause my mum said I look goofy in what I was wearing with them

  19. First i think oh that's cool! then i look at your face and i am like oh he's handsome, fuck me 🙂

  20. To bad im size 11 and they look like clown shoes lol

  21. ouuu german army in wwII? yikes. I didn't know :/

  22. Love the video! would you recommend no show socks or socks that go high?

    Love the videos. subbed

  23. bro, my doc martens fit just right on my feet which is size 10 in us. my only problem is it looks big on my feet, are they supposed to look big when you wear it?

  24. Lol is this how ppl are wearing these

  25. Are you trying to immitate Charlie Chaplin?

  26. Should I size up for dr martens ?

  27. Hey kid, probably those were the worst styles that I have ever seen. Pls stop making videos on how to style. God!!!! Your dressing sense is horrible.Let me know where u come from?

  28. best video. Russia love you🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  29. What do you think of the red version of the 1461? More or less versatile than the blacks?

  30. Hey Daniel, how do you clean your dm's?

  31. Should I buy these or those CDG Converse Lows?

  32. Who likes Dr marteen shoes like then

  33. Dr marteen is the best fashion show shooes

  34. Love the video, im on that same vibe too. check my video out (Y)

  35. Love from greece mate 🤘🤘

  36. Please do a 2.0 DR.martens 1461 and 1460! Please!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Basically dark solid colors and minimalist style. Maybe even a robust fabric is a factor for them to have a coherent look

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