How to Style: Dr. Martens 1460 Lookbook

Dr. Martens will always be one of my favorite shoes of ALL-TIME! Yes, ALL TIME!!! lol ok that’s enough. But seriously, I think one of my oldest and first videos on this channel was a Dr. Martens lookbook (no I’m not going to link it because it’s embarrassing and it’s fetus Amy). Thought I’d do a revised version that’s a little LESS embarrassing with a few of my “tips” sprinkled in there. BTW- Most of my clothes are from my Stylenanda haul (linked down below).

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Dr Marten 1460s
(I wear a 7.5 and it’s great!) I’m a true 7 tho

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  1. Are those hard or soft martens ??

  2. Amy could you help my poor thick ankle please??? How did you wear Dr.martens without high socks? My ankles gonna be cut off haha

  3. I know this was LONG ago but watching this gives me energy and helps me style myself through your passion in fashion. You remain beautiful as ever even till this very day. Keep doing you girl xo!!

  4. What’s your Instagram link .. I used the one on here nothing comes up

  5. Punk life naaaaaaaa you gotta style docs with jeans ripped and chains jk it’s ok

  6. Sorry,aber in dem ersten Kleid ,siehst du aus als würdest du 100kg wiegen. Die anderen Outfits waren auch nicht besonders schön. Aber ,jedem das seine! 👎

  7. does the yellow stitching turn darker overtime?

  8. The best thing about Docs is that they go with everything,another brand you cant go wrong with is the Chuck's.

  9. sensory overload, editing gave me a heart attack

  10. Is there like a timeline to wear these

  11. Helpppp
    I wanna buy Doc Martens but the Jadon ones, but idk what size to get, should I go to Journeys and try on a random pair or are all the shoes sort of different? I’m usually a size 8.5 or 9

  12. I RARELY ever watch YouTube vids and I don’t follow the hype whatsoever but this video and your editing gave me LIFE🔥🔥🔥

  13. THIS EDITING 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  14. you are one of my superior idols

  15. Where is your blazer from??


  17. Cant even see the outfits its like she is trying so hard to be cute like can you stand still at least for a minute so we can see the outfits. The editing makes me feel like if im on drugs.. its everywhere I dont know where to focus.

  18. Trash…martens = skinny jeans only

  19. such a good video! love your editing x

  20. The movement in this video is phenomenal. Wow. Best lookbook I have ever seen.

  21. the editing literally blew me out of the water. I audibly was like "WOAH!" Outstanding job!!!

  22. Dr Martens are the best investment i’ve ever made: good quality, beautiful shoes and SO SO SO versatile! I literally put them with everything: more sporty look but also more feminine look. Love them to death. Especially the black ones that are a must have, but I wanna buy the burgundy ones too

  23. Love your video. New subby

  24. I bought boots for my husband as a wedding anniversary present less than
    a year ago. the sole have split. Poor quality. Dr martens are ignoring my emails. We
    have 8 pairs. I can't love them any more.Sick of it. They're a
    disgusting company. They just take your money and no responsibility.

  25. I couldn't stop smiling at this whole video omg

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