How to SKIP Windows 8 Product Key

For Windows 10:

After doing this you will skip the product key prompt during the installation and you can use Windows 8/8.1 after installation.

You will still need a product key for customization features.
(You can still use it fully but some features are locked.)

TIME STAMPS (Removed Annotations):
00:47 Extract from Compressed file
01:22 Extract from ISO
02:35 Making the TWEAK


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  1. god mode on windows 8.1 @t install it!!!

  2. bro you %%% nice new sub baby

  3. Thank you man❤️❤️

  4. Or you can just use a KMS key (just google it) from the microsoft website to get past the setup and follow this in windows to delete the product key.
    1. Open a command prompt as an Administrator.
    2. Enter slmgr /upk and wait for this to complete. This will uninstall the current product key from Windows and put it into an unlicensed state.
    3. Enter slmgr /cpky and wait for this to complete. This will remove the product key from the registry if it's still there.
    And you can thank me later..

  5. I lost my all data but it's working to install windows. .

  6. Why is it so hard for ppl to find just WINDOWS 8 PK?

  7. Thanks That helped a lot although my head hurts from the video effects and voice effects

  8. O wowwww….That's really amazing trick….!
    thanks a lot for the solution

  9. It worked for me, great work,

  10. thanks for this tutorial worked like a charm..

  11. Kindly stop useless and terrible background Music.

  12. All working but after the restart it is automatically restoring previous version pls help

  13. where do you get the windows 8 iso? please help

  14. i going to share this video it works

  15. Thx man I saw the other videos with the people doing it and all they said drag it in and not in a sertin spot but it wasn’t working until I saw yours

  16. too mush edit is not good

  17. thanks u sir
    i can't believe that is working perfectly

  18. window 8 activated filal version 2013 key

  19. Thanks this method also works for 8.1- you can use this method make a bootable usb and drop the files in the sources folder on the bootable usb drive

  20. It Worked For Me On Windows 8.1

  21. It worked for me thank you very much.

  22. multi boot pen drive which location save file

  23. Thanks for sharing the video

  24. It's working thanks bro

  25. While saving it select it as "All Files" instead of .txt file. If not then it won't work

  26. Did you open the setup from desktop?

  27. our can just use and activator like my friend did for windows 8 there website intilted for windows activators if you google em and u can gedt random windows 8 pro key and just use he watermark will appear intel you activate windows thow witch is annoying a friend of mine recomneded that it comes with 200 updates our so 8 pretty old not but alot of people have it our not being supported anymore it was fluke probally like vista i bought a cheap windows 10 pro key off ebay and its been fine i thought about downgranding my new laptop windows 8 pro because ten was giving me issues intel i use the disc instead of the factoy stuff that came with alot better and i did fresh clean install with no problem and got more hard drive space i was just checking out what 8 look like i might pick me up cheap key off ebay to you can also use i nvr had problem using there keys

  28. it wont let me extract the disk file

  29. I couldn't really understand what you were saying, but at least it's not that hideous generic computer generated voice

  30. What do i put in place of the Proffesionall if i have the standard version of 8.1?

  31. Lots of genuine Windows 10 Product Key here:

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