How to disable Cortana Windows 10 Totally & Permanently (Kill Task Process) Free Registery Hacks

In this video see how to disable Cortana in Windows 10. Quickly see to how to turn off Cortana. Learn in this tutorial how to shut off Cortana through a Windows registry hack and completely disable Cortana through the Task Manage End Task Process. So if you want to know how do I turn off Cortana then my video tutorial is for you.

BTW: Some good info to know: I performed the steps in my video, that show how to disable Cortana Windows 10 Anniversary or how to disable Cortana Windows 10 Anniversary Update version of Windows 10, also known as Microsoft Windows 10 1607 OS Build 14393.187. Also keep in mind that these procedures will work both in Cortana Windows 10 Home and Cortana Windows 10 Pro versions.

Important Information and Warning:
Warning: Making changes to your Windows System Registry and Windows system files and folders can sometimes not work correctly due to systems being configured differently or due to new Microsoft Windows updates or different Windows 10 versions and builds, resulting in your system not booting up into Windows/computer not starting. Be extremely careful when making this type of system changes. It’s important to always backup your system first before making any important system changes on your computer. Suggest STRONGLY in doing a full system backing up of your hard drive and all your personal files to an external hard drive or at a minimum, manually creating a new System Restore Point of your current system before making any system changes as suggested in nickscomputerfix YouTube videos. Always remember that Murphy’s law is always creeping around when you least expect it.


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  1. I dont have Cortana in Task Manager after doing the first step, but is not allowing me to rename the folder as Cortana off. Help!

  2. first process is successful, in second process in the task manager,no cortana app is showing can we proceed further?

  3. Could you explain a little bit more, when you changed the filename so that window cannot locate the file, but here's the question: Is window constantly running something like a "service" on the back to search the file or since it is already failed to locate the file therefore no additional task is running (my goal is not to waste up any performance like memory).

  4. I think Cortana slows the computers down. When I want to shut down, the start bar lags and is slow. I don't remember this before Windows 10. I remember the start menu being fast.

  5. Cortana's so fast, I'm not able to get rid of her.

  6. Hi, Thanks for the info. why does MS make it so hard for users to turn features like this off. it is my PC after all.

  7. wow, finally that bitch is dead. FOR SHAME MICROSOFT, FOR SHAME

  8. After wasting my 100s of Data finally see ur video
    Thanks U got a Sub, A like and Bell also !!!

  9. microsoft has done some good as now cortana is NOT a memory hog. I have checked the task manager and it shows that cortana is using 0 system resources with a green leaf beside it.

  10. cortana is cancer, you have to disable a useful feature to make it stop

  11. Ok so recently I realised I liked the Cortana search feature but went through this whole process. If you want help to restore it dm me on discord. Arranger#6577. (Make sure you have teamviewer if you want remote help)

  12. When you do these manipulations it is for all users on the computer or on the particular user account that you are operating on?

  13. this comment section is fucking funny LMAO

  14. Dude cortana takes alot of ram and affects on ping in games alot like my ping in games with cortana was 200 when i disabled cortana my ping becomes 60-50

  15. What's the reason to kill cortana? I'm sorry i'm still beginer

  16. if u changed the file name .. next time u boot to windows u wont be able to use the search bar

  17. Too many windows to navigate through don't want to do it in the dark, the internet portion alone suits just fine, thank you friend.

  18. actually, nvm. i started to strugle to find my important files

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