How to Become a Video Game Designer!

A Video Game Designer career is one of the most desired jobs in video games. This video provides tips on how to become a video game designer and create game designs.

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When we think of the “rockstars” of the game industry, we immediately think of people like Tim Shafer, Hideo Kojima, SUDA51, and Shigeru Miyamoto. What do these heroes have in common? They’re all game designers! Great game designers have built entire industries and have shaped culture as we know it. So it’s easy to see why there are a lot of people dreaming of becoming game designers.

As we’ve seen in our previous video, the barrier to entry for making games is lower than it’s ever been – you can start becoming a video game designer today! So where do you start? We ‘re going to tell you all you need to know about what a video game designer does, and how to get started on a career path in game design today.

First, we are going to review the role of the game design and the type of work they do. We will also review the common types of design specialities in the game space.

Next we will review how to become a video game designer – including how to kick off your career and the commonly used paths for climbing up the ladder.

Also, we will review how to separate yourself from all of the other people looking to become video game designers. What skills to develop and how to become more valuable.

Next we discuss the good and bad of the game designer role. What are the perks and the challenges on a day to day basis.

We will also reveal the typical career progression for a video game designer – and what roles they can graduate to.

Finally, we will review some good books to check out if you want to read more about making great video game design.

We are Ask Gamedev and this is how to become a video game designer in 2018.

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  3. Jeez this music is so loud I can barely understand what he is saying

  4. your audio quality and the way you edited the music so loud in the background of this video killed me so you get an unlike for it,,, information are great. keep on and work on these stuff

  5. What is it called when there is a person who comes up with the ideas for the game such as what the campaign is gonna be or what the missions are without actually coding or physically making the game?

  6. What did you majlr in?

  7. I agree, Game Designers need to wear a lot of different hats. I really liked how you explained that in your video. I believe communication is the main strength of a Game Designer.

  8. 00:04

    You forgot scot AKA: maker of five nights at freddy's

  9. Great video! I really love your explanations!

  10. What about Technical Game Designer?

  11. Is there a book about how to create a game design documents (gdd) ?

  12. The music is very annoying. Still the video great.

  13. So your telling me that if you wanna make you own game you need other people wtffffff

  14. When you said rockstars I thought you meant the company 😂

  15. in the popular game designer thing… Notch.. WHY DID HE NOT THINK ABOUT NOTCH!?

  16. "Tim shafer" certainly not, this jew worked on 1 good game and thought he was god, made his own company and drove it to shit with shit games.

  17. I just want a job where i walk around the office of game designers and animators and tell them what would be better and “hey that’s really cool but if you made it like this the fans would love it more” just giving them pointers of what fans like since i am a huge video game enthusiast

  18. I wanna be a video game designer one day when am much older like 18

    One like = I will be a video game designer one dayyy….

  19. Thank you, I know this video is almost 2 years old but it has been a huge help to see the different areas in game design and what they infer.

  20. Thanks for the book recommendations!

  21. Great video

  22. @1:00 it looks like he is milking the monitor.

  23. My friend wants to become a Technical artist, can you explain that like this brother, please.

  24. You should get more subscribers! Also do you have to be a good storyteller and draw Concept art because I have so many drawings. Write alot of stories that pop into my head, and currently I have 3 Game ideas, but I want to do Animated Series as well so I was wondering what should I start off with first?

  25. When I think of the Rockstars in Video Gaming, I think of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption

  26. If you want to be a game designer go to school

  27. Can I become a video game designer with an information technology degree? Please help me guys😥

  28. A QA Tester position will only get you into a game designer role if it's an indie studio. If you get into QA for a large, AAA studio, you'll never move anywhere outside of QA.

  29. There are some schools that you can go to if you want. I am a level designer and went to full sail university. One warning it is a lot of work and extremely competitive. Make sure you have a great portfolio and have made a game on your own. And finally if you are known as a dick or an asswipe then sorry because no one likes working with them.

  30. The song in the background is so annoying

  31. I love to draw and I have so many drawings of what my video game should be. I thought of a story gameplay and even seqauls if it happens. I was woundering does a preson that wants to be a game desinger have to do all these you talked about in the video? Because if so….Im worried as all hell now 😨😒. Cause I tried coding but i get bored so easy and it makes me sad to think that because I love gaming and I want to put my vision out there for the world to see

  32. Alright but what if its already 2019

  33. i think its also important to clarify what a game designer isn't; an "ideas guy". its not a role where you get to have 'awesome ideas', then have the artists or engineers do all the work for you; its a role where you have to put in a lot of work to flesh out the nitty-gritty technical details of your systems or designs, and work/communicate WITH the other parts of the team effectively to make one cohesive vision of the game.

    not saying that necessarily to put people off; but game design in particular draws a particular kind of person/mindset that thinks the role will let them tell other people their vague ideas and sit back while said people do all the work "implementing their genius"… the term "ideas guy" has a negative connotation in creative industries for a reason.

  34. You should really do something about the background music!
    Its really distracting

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  39. Is it ok that a Game Designer came from the backgrounds of Game Art/Animation/VFX?

  40. Aren't all these designers from Japan bruh

  41. That breaking bad reference @0:22

  42. If you are interested in game design, as he mentioned, it can be expensive to go to school but USC has the #1 program and if you are interested let me know we can talk about it!

  43. Hey! You guys got rid of the long aka part of the opening! I don't have anything to skip anymore!

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