Hero Rescue – All Levels Gameplay Android, iOS

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Hero Rescue – Gameplay Walkthrough All Levels Best Android, iOS Games 2020 Gameplay

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Hero Rescue
Doan Thanh

Experience the real game you always see in the cool ads.

Do you like adventures? Of course, they are great. Help the hero rescue the princess and win the treasure. Pull the pins to make a safe path to the princess. You will become a rich hero in this latest rescue game.

Many missions are waiting for you. Pull the pins to kill the spider, to save the princess, to get the treasure. Hundreds of fascinating pull the pin puzzles not to be missed. Do you think you are smart enough to overcome all obstacles? Let’s get started!

The hero rescue gameplay will make you hooked on this game!

Simple to control. You can play with one hand very fast. It is easy to get started, but challenging to complete all the hero puzzles.


– Train your brain. Try many ways to play because these are logical puzzles.

– The music, sounds, visuals and graphics are outstanding

– Play thousands of decadently fun levels!

– Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to help the hero.

I promise you this is the most innovative rescue game available today. If you’ve been looking for a pull the pin puzzle game for a long time, it’s time to explore it.

Help the hero rescue the princess now.

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  1. https://youtu.be/XPA6IcK7X54

    Please watch video about 5 minute

  2. M a new YouTuber so I have a question will I get copyright for gameplay videos in game music,sound effects, visuals etc.

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  5. I solved it watch the solution on by Channel

  6. I defeated the whole xD game I got a bunch of bs though oof.Fireboy and Watergirl 2on hudgames so easy game

  7. I love this type of games (pull the pin puzzle). Any other suggestions?

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  10. porque no ases bien y te toca repetir el juego

  11. Surprised its real this time but still not downloading. Fake mobile game ads just killed it for me.

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  14. Great work,
    join with my channel For mor game play of Hero rescue 😍😍

  15. Batayega Mujhe comment Karke game ka naam kya hai

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  17. Finally,i found the real one 🙂

  18. Donde en contro ese juego

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  20. Great play..
    I play this game too.. 🙂

  21. 1:18 Did he just grab her by the?…. hand?

  22. не интересна

  23. Ini nama gamenya apa sih kalian emang kalian tau

  24. Tum bahut Achcha Khel to very good

  25. wow so there is an actual game for this kind of gameplay

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    Gracias por estar al pendiente adios

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