Dragon Ball Super – Vegeta Changes Bulla Diaper!

Source(s) : Dragon Ball Super – Episode 88 [Promo Clip]

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  1. Imagine ginyu force watching this from hell….

  2. Vegita is a better father than guko

  3. funny bulma beerus is afraid of her

  4. Onion head bulla so adorable

  5. Oh no…..vegeta smiled it really is the end

  6. Whis is the funniest character in dbs

  7. Bulla: MEDICINE

    a large blister containing serous fluid.



    a rounded prominence.

  8. I gotta wonder; how would Vegeta treat Bulma if she got transformed into an infant?

  9. Vegeta is good at this.
    RIP Hiromi Tsuru March 29, 1960 – Nov. 17, 2017 I was on vacation when I heard the News. 😢

  10. Imagine this diaper clip got displayed in the planet Vegeta 😂😂😂
    All saiyans be like:😱😱😂😂😂 😂
    And then if past prince Vegeta sees it: is that me 😵😵
    Vegeta fainted 😂
    All will be so shocked 😂

  11. This is the Vegeta who used to kill Saibamen during training as a mere kid, didn't care about his home planet's explosion, younger brother's consequent fate or his father's death, killed his comrade Nappa, didn't save his wife and son from a crashing plane, didn't give a damn about his family or anyone other than himself. And look at him now.
    This is the best example of character development. Kudos to the Saiyajin Prince.

  12. Luckiest baby ever! Her Dad is a prince, her Mom is the richest person in the world and his Brother saved the future, plus Beerus as her uncle.

  13. Imagine if King Vegeta saw this

  14. Yo where's Bulla's tail. Isn't she a saiyan too

  15. Bloody vegeta bulma stans will suffer and suffer

  16. The rare moment
    Vageta smile

  17. Goku: I am ready to bargain for more saiyan cells in exchange for my brain cells.

  18. Hanya bulma yg berani berdebat dengan berus sama😂

  19. Ahh I wanted to see how Vegeta changed it

  20. Whis paints quite a picture 😂

  21. Even the strongest fighters in the world of scared of bulma😂

  22. ウィスさん面白いw


  24. 0:36 The Moment that Vegeta Smile at his Daughter…. and not Serious face…

  25. Vegetas smirk and grins are the best

  26. Wow bulla achived Super Saiyan Blue Evolution before vegeta

  27. Trunks: "Wow, Dad, you're amazing! Is Goten's dad as good at this as you are?"

    Vegeta: "I don't know, Namekians don't wear diapers."

  28. One reason I don't want to become a dad. I can't stand the crying 😐.

  29. Made it didn't stop speaking these dang Spanish

  30. Vegeta: diaper huh? changes diaper
    Goku: diaper huh? grabs plate, fork and spoon serve it up

  31. Ce n'est pas Bulla c'est Bra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿 quand même !!!!! Tu n'a pas suivie dragon ball super !!!!!!

  32. Who else came here to watch beerus and bulma fight

  33. Who is bulla is it vegeta granddaughter?

  34. Vegeta. The ultimate diaper changer

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