Dragon Ball Super Episode 83- Bulla is born -English Dub

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  1. The auto generated caption said wheeze instead of whis

  2. Goku “I have ultra instinct”
    Vegeta “I spent more time with my family

  3. I wanted to know what name vegeta would had name her lol

  4. 0:49 even goku was like "STFU"


  6. "How would you know, Goku? You were busy being dead!" I knew it was true but it was hilarious how she said it. X-D

  7. Should had continue the tradition and call her Vegeta III.

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  9. My Cousin Is Pregant Ill Prob Call Whis

  10. If it wasnt for whis we probably would have gotten the most blood scene for dragon ball super

  11. Last name is a sayan name please becuse no last name

  12. Picolo: Thank god we're gonna get erased

  13. "You were too busy being dead!". Damn, Chichi. 💀

  14. Vegeta the guy that is more mature than the LITRAL STRONGEST GUY IN THE UNIVERSE.

  15. If only childbirth was this easy

  16. I dont like that name Bulla

  17. In our language bulla means penis🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. It’s something about a father with a daughter idk.

    Vegeta is a hardcore man. When he had trunks he didn’t have to worry about being soft but when he had a girl it’s different

  19. Bulla: starts to cry
    Popo:Pecking order little maggot.
    Bulla: yahhh yaahhh .
    Popo: Ok you are cute maggot

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