Download and Install Google Drive Sync for Windows 7 PC

In this video tutorial we are going to Download and Install the Google Drive Sync Utility. This will let you have a local copy of your files stored and in sync with Google Drive on the web.

Whatever you keep here will upload to the web from your computer or download if its not on your computer.

You can download the Installer Utility Directly here or watch in the video to located in

– Click Gear in My Drive
– Select Download Drive
– Run The Installer
– Sign in to your Account

Only one user per Windows Account for the Sync Utility. If another user wants to also sync their file create a new Windows Account and have the user sign in there.

For more information about the Google Drive Sync Utility check out the Google Help Center Articles and videos Here

Are you confused about how Google Drive works? Have questions about Drive share settings, and who can see your files? John and Debbie are here for you! Check out the Apps Show – Drive Explained :


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  1. Good morning, how do I create a shortcut on the desktop?

  2. thanks for sharing this…

  3. does this still work in 2019? I am getting a different Download for Windows

  4. The video quality is amazing but please change the thumbnail it sucks. I can design something better for you (for free of course)
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  5. Great video. It's just what I was looking for!

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