COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! (By Office Create) – iOS / Android – Gameplay Video

▼Have Fun Cooking with Simple Controls!
With a chop chop, a bubble bubble, and a sizzle sizzle…
Anyone can enjoy the simple, intuitive touch controls of the dozens of varied minigames!
Grab your apron and aim for the rank of “Special Chef”!

▼Combine All Kinds of Recipes!
What weird or wonderful combinations can you make by combining two recipes?
Get creative and mix your meals!

▼Treat Papa to Your Dishes!
Once your dish is ready, serve it up to Papa! The better your cooking is, the more delighted he will be!

▼Papa’s Daily Request!
Hamburgers, pizza, ice cream…
Fulfill Papa’s requests and get fun gifts in return!

▼Play Every Day to Get Special Rewards!
Log in each day to receive a login stamp!
Collect 7 stamps to get an exciting new recipe!

*Kids who cook in Mama’s kitchen are sure to show more interest in real cooking too!

【Recommended Setup】
iOS 7.0 or later.

Game may not be playable on certain devices even if the above conditions are met.

【Supported Languages】
Simplified Chiniese
Traditional Chinese

By downloading this game, you are accepting its User Agreement.

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  1. This looks like a fricking Nintendo switch game.


  3. Cooking mama rangenah bangert

  4. 👍👍👍💟👍💟💟

  5. this game is really entertaining. I can spend hours just playing these

  6. I actually have this game on my phone. I really enjoy playing it!

  7. Wow this used to be my favorite..

    But sadly my old phone that have cooking mama's app got stolen and on this phone it has litterly no more room TwT

  8. Cooking mama asdudfugfbddgrbf fhdbjrbugtrudhzvgdyyrcgfuuffdf fderfdgdvhghebqhw adrwfidjhfrafjsyfv rejehehshshgcdbdddbdhehgdbdhdhdggfjgrfurvfffhdhsagrfsdvechgvcddrrfsdddjhcgvvghhg7hgfnut5ygruytfyg 2:05 kfhdudsgfrgyegsducfbsshuhvgccssaxxxjfdjsfbrdehwwre

  9. Saya main Lo coking Mama yes yg sama like ya

  10. Cooking mama is the best

  11. 🔥Cooking mama🔥

  12. I was here from nostalgia

  13. Ternyata hanya saya yang bahasa indonesia permainan ini sangat bagus nyesal lo kalau tidak download permainan ini bay bay

  14. l ike coking mama
    How are you thank you stundes

  15. cooking Mama bagus banget sumpah

  16. Pa cuando porno de cookin mama

  17. انتي بارتو و لكن انتي ايضا بطيى

  18. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 bagusba

  19. I downloaded this game, like, this morning!
    And im already sooo addicted to this game,
    me and my cousin keeps playing this gameee
    (Had to keep volume low because its 3:14 am and i could not sleep)

  20. Cooking mama yeeesss… Good

  21. 6:04 when u was to lazy in the kitchen

  22. I kept my volume low (Oof, edit) so my mom doesn’t force me to play Cooking Mama (I’m not scared of her anymore, but I don’t want to play any of the Cooking Mama games)

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