Bleach Vs Naruto 3.3 – All Transformations

Showcase of all transformations featured in Bleach Vs Naruto 3.3. In order to transform, press J+K when the mana/power bar is full (at 3).

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  1. I remember when Kenshi had his green form. My friend kicked my butt while I was Aizen like that.

  2. Andrea que botones ay.que apretar
    para poder.en la última forma a ichig

  3. so apertem j+k que transforma,caso o personagem se transforme

  4. Hellou a te creas you se algo de inglis a te creas nou mentireillon a te creas


  6. the next time let show me how to do this skills and some combo

  7. like si hablas español

  8. HEYY remember me? how to play it in android?

  9. Kenshin in 3.3 is kinda broken

    Change my mind

  10. Wwf that obito combo 😱😱😱

  11. wait…didn't kenshin use to have 2 transformation ???

  12. i wish the Rurouni Kenshin second stransform wasn't remove and was just a achivement that if you beat you will unlock it

  13. Does anyone know how to do the ichigo's half mask transformation on Android?
    I play this game on my phone when i have nothing to do and Im not home,so i would like to know how to do that XD.

  14. Name of song : only true anime fans will understand

  15. They remove kenshin second J+K 🙁

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