Bleach Vs Naruto 3.0 – New design, characters, maps & more!

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After a one year wait, it’s finally here! The anticipated Bleach Vs Naruto new version 3.0 is finally out and is a lot more than just an ordinary update.


– Complete redesign of the interface
– 4 new main characters (44 in all)
– 4 new maps
– New “Hell” difficulty mode
– Various optimizations of the AI, graphics and animations

Although this is just a ”first impression” video, to show the general changes and compare it to the previous version, more videos will come shortly after to analyze everything that has been added/removed/changed/replaced in the newest version. To keep up with updates, subscribe to the channel!

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  1. nome da musica 0:10 alguem sabe?

  2. seria mejor si explicara como lo hace y usara los personajes de bleach

  3. I have this in mobile

  4. OMG!!? Is the best

  5. Где Dankai????!

  6. V +i para hacer el ataque mas fuerte con 3 energias

  7. Jk al mismo tiempo para transformarce

  8. It's not fun if aizen got no transformation

  9. One of the best classic or ordinary

    Any option you recommend me

    During playing against my friend

  10. Guys do you know the name of that song 0:5

  11. K bt biến hình naruto lên lục đạo ư gà lắm

  12. umm… sounds on/off how doing?

  13. merci que je suis recornercent

  14. Minute 9:19 how can i Select the player number 2 with what tecqle?

  15. You forgot the fact that before this version, you couldn't play as Ulquiorra second form.

  16. I play on hell mode and it’s not even hard

  17. Do a video on the update it hade

  18. what the music name intro .? can please tell me ?

  19. Does anyone knows the character select screen played at "Bleach vs Naruro 3.0"?

  20. ไก่จังว่ะไอ่สัต

  21. Can you make naruto only ??
    Remove the bleach and change withw naruto more

  22. My best character is kakashi

  23. I really beat the hell mode

  24. Mày không biet tien cap à 3 điem suc manh roi an j>k>d là duoc

  25. I have a friend who keeps spamming with sasuke(susano) how do i use my evasive and does anyone know a character that can counter his spam

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