Anime Chat & Rap Ep. 3 FT. Nux Taku, GrandLineReview, Joy_Boy Theories, Project: Manga

HELLO Synsei Fam,

Today we have an amazing episode of Anime Chat & Rap! This video means SOOOOOOOO much to me because my guests include some of my favorite YouTubers! This was a VERY cool personality mesh, and it made for an outstanding conversation! We spoke on everything Anime, Manga, real life, even a bit of Twitter! HaHa! Please enjoy, and subscribe if you’re new!

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  1. Well I love that shit, thx man you won a sub

  2. I’m a simple degenerate, I see Nux I click

  3. my one complaint about reviewers or reactors is they always reference other anime or manga. when i watch all i think of is this anime or manga and only compare it to itself. afterward if i feel like comparing thats a whole different discussion. and for me that discussion doesn't involve the characters but the structure of the story and powers. then comparing characters is a whole new discussion which involves a lot of personal likes and dislikes.

  4. this group is fucking amazing fun to watch with unique opinions but nux constantly keeping it light so no one gets too stuck on any idea.

  5. Let's get it straight everyone is reading hunterxhunter, berserk and vagabond as we r getting two chapters weekly of each

  6. They way you structure conversations its really dope

  7. Man this is really good, waiting for the next

  8. Bro u need to get Tekking on here

  9. I'm on the W.J.K.K. = wheelchair Jimmy killing Kido


  11. Had fun being on the Gloves off panel with you for AniTube Con! Sick video bro keep it up!

  12. Just found this channel, Holy Sh!t man I got new content to listen to

  13. Holy hell… daddy nux and joyboy on here together is a daydream come true hah I was literally just thinking about that three days ago and I find this gem this morning. Wonderful watch guys really enjoyed it. Maybe joyboy can hop on the one piece virgin one day would be bomb.

  14. Your channel dope, you just got a new subscriber. Glad the algorithm brought me here.

  15. Dude watch Ace No Diamond it’s straight gas 🔥🔥 no lie best sports anime out

  16. 45:00 "friends along the way" of answers

  17. All big shots in one video …. That's really cool.

    But seriously tho…none of them are reading Mashle…. That shit is 🔥🔥

  18. Yo!
    Joyboy: Editors are just failed mangaka.
    Me: How can a statement be that funny and that mean simultaneously.

  19. Awesome hearing my two favorite Youtubers interact! JB and GLR!

  20. Is this podcast available in Spotify or apple?

  21. The one time the YouTube algorithm has actually led me to dope shit

  22. 3d worked for Kengan Asura

  23. My mom only likes flats…

  24. You got yourself one more subscriber bro.

  25. 1:04:05 this! i hate the community sometimes

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