Angels of Death – Don't Mind Me Cutting In (RPG Maker Horror) Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

Angels of Death (Satsuriku no Tenshi) is an RPG Maker Horror Game created by the creator of Forest of Drizzling Rain. The story is essentially a girl striking an unlikely alliance with a killer. Video contains part of Episode 1.

Game Playlist:
Game Info:

“Let the twisted shipping… BEGIN.”

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  1. If you think of peepers as something else it gives it a whole different meaning and makes it even more wrong.

  2. For peepers of blue
    All I need is you

  3. Zack: Professionals have STANDARDS

  4. You kinda sound like Levi 😶

  5. You should just like an anime boy (in a good way)

  6. 24:52 anyone else really scared when manly went all HEMLUMNUMLEH HUMHUM? D:

  7. 10:18 – who else is getting potato chip vibes from the True Lab in Undertale?
    Sorry to be that person. ;-P

  8. Defective Despicable Doctor Danny Daniel Dickens

  9. "RayZack"
    Not ZackaRay? I'm disappointed.

  10. geez the anime was shit, lets hope the game is better

  11. 20:19, it's the name you should know.
    20:19, is the king of the show.

  12. the anime theymade of this was lit btw.

  13. I have seen too many messed up games. I thought she was going to snap the poor bird's neck when the screen went dark and she told it to hold still. I'm only that far in the video, so please don't spoil it for me if it turns out my first impression is correct way later down the road. 😅
    edit 12:50 well…. at least it wasn't the main character doing it. R.i.p. Plot Device Bird.

  14. Loved the anime, and whenever someone says my name, I just feel special. I don't know if that's just me though. 😂

  15. Honestly, her putting the bird back together is really respectful. Honoring the dead is important, even though it's kinda gruesome.

  16. question, how do you run? Rachel wanted to be a dumb shit and walk

  17. Uh oh, this doctor has Sans eyes

  18. Not gonna lie I legit thought he crapped his pants! XD

  19. Every time Danny says peepers, it's impossible to take him seriously. I can't help but imagine he's asking to admire the fish from Subnautica.

  20. Remember, The Game Came First no "wasn't this an anime" bull K

  21. Did it unlock it..?
    Clikcking noise

    INSTANT BUDWEISER COMMERCIAL. Wow ok thanks but i wanna know if rachels screwed or not.

  22. Did not know MBH did a Playthrough of this… i watched the anime THEN I learned there was a game.

  23. Im a edgy killer with standards, I got the shoes, hoodie and scythe. I have standards. 😂😂 lmao that part got me.

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