20 New Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Open World, Multiplayer, MMO!

New worlds, massive wars, and living a whole new life! Now, every year people compare upcoming MMOs to the greats of the past but you have to remember that even in the best of years we only got 3 or 4 MMOs that stood the test of time. In this list we have 20 games plus bonus ones at the end, so be sure to watch all the way through, but it’s likely only a few will really make a mark. Which do you think it’ll be? For now, let’s see what’s on the way!


Which two games in the video do you think will last?

Here’s a video where you can vote on how to define an MMO:

00:00 Intro

►UPCOMING #PC #MMORPG GAMES for 2019 & 2020◄
1. Gloria Victis – Black Eye Games (0:40)

2. Project Gorgon – Elder Game (1:38)

3. Ashes of Creation – Intrepid Studios (2:31)

4. Mad World – JANDISOFT (3:40)

5. Legends of Aria – Citadel Studios (4:45)

6. Ascent: Infinite Realm – Bluehole Studio (5:40)

7. Worlds Adrift – Bossa Studios [CANCELLED] (6:30)

8. Population Zero – Enplex Games (7:35)

9. City of Titans – Missing Worlds Media (8:34)

10. Ship of Heroes – Heroic Games (9:30)

11. Valiance Online – SHOGN (10:25)

12. Conqueror’s Blade – Booming Games (11:20)

13. New World – Amazon Game Studios (12:12)

14. ReWorld Online – Qwerty Stud.io inc. (13:22)

15. Camelot Unchained – City State Entertainment (14:20)

16. Astellia Online – Barunson Entertainment (15:39)

17. Lost Ark – Smilegate (16:48)

18. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – Visionary Realms (17:41)

19. Chronicles of Elyria – Soulbound Studios [CANCELLED] (18:58)

20. Crowfall – ArtCraft Entertainment (20:14)

WoW Classic

ESO Expansion Elsweyr

Final Fantasy XIV Expansions Shadowbringers

Magic the Gathering MMORPG

Alien MMO

Project TL

Peria Chronicles

Age of Wushu 2

Fractured MMO

The Saga of Lucimia

Lord Of The Rings MMORPG

22:53 Conclusion


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  1. I put in SOOOO much effort into this list! It's way more detailed than any MMO list I've done before and I try tell you about characters, world type, combat system, PvP/PvE, monetisation, and more for every single game. Also, question of the day is 'Which 2 games in the list do you think will last?' – History tells us only a couple will. You can also help define the MMORPG genre here: https://youtu.be/OKwjE4CNTFU Meanwhile, you can check out more lists like this one in the playlist: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists
    ALSO! Just to show why I consider the MMORPG genre as being fine is despite how many games don't last, it's always had at least 1 a year that stays popular and is considered good. Don't confuse a 2-year lens for the greats of the decades:
    2010 – Final Fantasy XIV

    2011 – Tera

    2012 – Guild Wars 2

    2013 – Neverwinter

    2014 – ESO

    2015 – Black Desert

    2016 – Tree of Savior

    2017 – Albion Online

    2018 – Lost Ark (Asia)

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  2. Zakh: "Mad world, it really doesnt look like what you exept to see in an mmorpg list nowerdays"
    Me: "mad world is styalised while this comment should have been for Project Gorgon"

  3. If Pantheon is a let down… I… am…done.

  4. Ashes of creation 100% are warframe characters

  5. yeaahhh all these games look like shit xD I wouldnt play any of them

  6. Maybe I should subscribe, finally a video that most games shown are actually good.

  7. Population Zero: Zero creativity. The generic game of the 2020's

  8. there is no game that comes close to what Blizzard is doing with WoW
    game's combat has nothing to do with any other mmorpg
    Fludity and Smoothnes of moving runing animations combat works while moving mounts are acting like mounts no loading screens (almost)
    stop playing other games and go play WoW it is the only MMORPG of the 3d person style

  9. please someone make a game just like wizard101

  10. Wow burning crosade have better graphic than the most todays mmos lol…more than half of this games are trash

  11. is it sad that i still think about Everquest Online Adventures anytime i watch a new MMO and hope they are similar. That was the last great RPGMMO i had ever played true open world! I miss those days..

  12. 1st game is so funny and interesting

  13. All games are nice graphics

  14. Worlds adrift is shutdown dude

  15. gloria victis was the only one that actually did well

  16. sorry but not sorry you are way better than mmobyte so far…so many damn clickbaits out there im tired of the norm…

  17. Any one know what is the game on the background in 20:50?

  18. Lost ark in 2020? I remember somebody making videos that its gonna get a release in 2015 loll

  19. Wish they would remake Shadow Bane which had sooooo much potential when released over 10-15 yrs ago

  20. 100% agree with your opening statement tons of mmos out there (seems to be less and less each year) but yeah about a half dozen have stuck out and lasted awhile and out of those few are still active. Great Video tho thanks alot.

  21. 5 million is NOTHING at all for such a game….sadly this is the main problem. To go next gen everything under 100 million will have problems. You need at least several hundred people constantly working on it or it can just rely ona few good gameplay queues. Thos studios should concentrate on that at first and perhaps expand later on, if it really gets a following. And with a following I mean a community willing to pay for the game being continued….and thats the problem: The mass casual gamer isnt patient enough and people are still stuck in the old model, that agame should never exceed 100,- bucks. Sadly that wont be enough until they gain followings in the several millions playing it. So we are in a weird situation, where such games go towards fidelities of a shooter type experience and graphics being great even closeup. That means, those games need years upon years, if not decades to be programmed.

  22. Please God save MMOs, this is all rubish sorry

  23. Not one of those games looked enjoyable half didn't even look playable

  24. I was super stoked for crowfall. It looks like dog shit

  25. Yep…there it is! Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Missed it. Actually, I hope this is not another "Star Citizen" and launches soon

  26. Legends of Aria is DOA.

  27. 1. New World
    2. Crowfall
    Are the only two promising games that can be called up to the date they release in and brought something new to the genre, sadly most of the games on this list are reworks of previous games or are stuck in the past decade and haven't evolved as games in terms of combat/graphics or most importantly the setting of the game. New World gives me the vibe of what a real MMORPG game should be in terms of the world itself or what you can do in the game, while Crowfall could possibly be the first RPG game that goes in the competitive eSports scene if they change the period of 1-3 months campaigns into 1-3 hour matches for example.

  28. My favourite mmo was AION, honestly.. amazing world, great classes , nice quests, nice graphics.. my good old days. shame I find no mmo like that anymore.. :c

  29. Some channel named random videoes is uploading other channels videos. This one on Nov 3rd 2019. Even ripped off the title….

  30. non of these games is even good…

  31. Nice video. Will the new one come?

  32. Most of these look like they were made 10 years ago. They all look so horrible.

  33. wtf was those superheroes mmos, so bad ffs

  34. ascent infinite realm looks soooooo bad lol

  35. This just popped up in my feed… then World's Adrift showed up.. gah… :'(

  36. I really wish there were more proper sci fi RPGs, and particularly MMORPGs. I can't remember even a halfway good one since Wildstar.

  37. Ahhh i can never see a game that looks like it'll take me away like Wow from Classic till Wrath…. everything else just seems like its not quite there.

  38. 2020 and MMORPG do not go together. 2004 and MMORPG did.

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